For their latest music documentary, Noisey takes a look at UK grime, specifically in England’s seaside resort of Blackpool. During the nearly 30-minute presentation, film host Poet gets a look at three key players from Blackpool’s grime scene, thus delving into the genre as a whole, its controversial rise, beef from artists and more.

Accordingly, you will get introduced to Afghan Dan and a popular pair of younger grime musicians, Little T and Soph Aspin.

Over the past few years, the UK has experienced a significant grime resurgence, but it’s not exactly the ones many would expect leading the charge. Again, it’s the younger artists that have been garnering much of the attention, in large part thanks to social media, namely a Youtube channel called Blackpool Grime Media.

In addition to being surprisingly young, these buzzing grime artists are seemingly ruthless, sending for each other with reckless abandoned, as no one is off limits, not even their mothers.

To dive into the controversial rise of Blackpool grime, press play above.

Not NYC, not LA.

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