Drizzy got the money indeed. Partnering with Apple Music for a cute little ad would seem a shrewd business venture by any measure, but it also seems that Drake does not need any assistance when it comes to raking it in. Spotify has revealed its year-end data and Drake is not only the most streamed artist of 2016, but also the most streamed artist ever. Period.

According to its 2016 Wrapped listings, Drake now has a grand total of 4.7 billion streams in Spotify’s history. This was, of course, thanks to the release of VIEWS, the most-streamed album of the year, and its lead single “One Dance,” the most-streamed track of the year. This is also the second year in a row that Drake has earned the title of most-streamed artist.

Celebrate by giving Drake’s VIEWS another listen below:

In other music news, Forbes has unveiled its list of the highest-paid musicians of the year. See who made the cut right here.

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