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Obama says weed should be treated like cigarettes and alcohol

Now that he doesn’t have to worry about re-election and his chosen successor’s political career lies in ruin, Obama can finally stop politicking and talk candidly like a normal human being. And he’s doing just that, admitting to Rolling Stone that marijuana should be treated no differently than cigarettes or alcohol. Although he doesn’t think that legalization is the solution, he’s firm that it should be treated as a public health issue. – Washington Post

Trevor Noah says Trump has mind of a toddler, should be treated like one

The Daily Show host, Trevor Noah, started what will be at least a four-year stretch of mocking Donald Trump every. single. day. by comparing him to a toddler and arguing that facts mean nothing to him. But rather than just pointing and laughing, Noah came up with a strategy of countering Trump’s BS: don’t argue, ask him to elaborate, because “logic is the downfall of every toddler.” – TIME

More Goldman Sachs big wigs to join Trump administration

Despite repeatedly attacking both Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz’s wife for their ties to bogey bank, Goldman Sachs, while riding the populist wave that took him to the White House, Trump’s administration is set to add yet more former-Goldman employees to its roster. Alleged white supremacist and former Breitbart News chief, Steve Bannon, who was once Goldman Sachs vice president, is already in as chief strategist; ex-Goldman partner, Steve Mnuchin, is being courted as Treasury Secretary, as was reported yesterday; and now Sachs’ current Chief Operating Officer, Gary Cohn, looks set to become Trump’s Budget Chief. The Donald isn’t even trying to pretend that all of his campaign rhetoric was nothing but a steaming pile of outright lies. – New York Post

Apple fights AIDS with money

It’s World AIDS Day today, and Apple is supporting the fight against AIDS by selling red iPhone cases in support of HIV/AIDS charity, Product (RED). In addition to this, for every purchase made using Apple Pay, the tech giant will donate $1 to said charity, while proceeds from certain app purchases will be donated in their entirety to battling the disease. – Engadget

Arsenal lose, Manchester United win in League Cup

The last batch of this year’s English Football League Cup quarter-final ties were played out last night. Arsenal crashed out against Southampton by a 2-0 scoreline after playing a team full of reserves and youth players, while Manchester United came out 4-1 winners against West Ham. In the semis Southampton face Liverpool while Man United play Hull City, potentially setting up a North-West derby in the final. – SkySports News

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Words by Aleks Eror
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