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Last month, Forbes unveiled its list of the highest-paid women in music. And sorry Bey fans, but Taylor Swift handily out-earned every woman in the game. And now, as it turns out, she out-earned every man as well, as she is still top of the list on the newly-released list of highest-earning musicians of 2016. See the top 10 below:

1. Taylor Swift
2. One Direction
3. Adele
4. Madonna
5. Rihanna
6. Garth Brooks
7. AC/DC
8. The Rolling Stones
9. Calvin Harris
10. Diddy

Swift earned a whopping $170 million this past year, which not only makes her the highest-paid musician (of any gender) but the highest-paid celebrity period, regardless of career. This is thanks in large part to her blockbuster 1989 World Tour wrapping up this year, but a few high-profile endorsements from Apple, Diet Coke and Keds certainly didn’t hinder her grand total.

And as fate would have it, the top five highest-earning female musicians are essentially the same when factoring in the male side of things. Boy-band One Direction has placed second in the year’s highest paid, but the rest of the top five remains just the same as the all-girl version, with Adele, followed by Madonna, and then followed by Rihanna, rounding out the list.

Head over to Forbes to see the full list of 2016’s highest-earning musicians.

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