Tune in and turn up

Rapper Vic Mensa is no stranger to activism. He spent the better part of the presidential election making sure people came out to vote, and has been one of the industry’s more vocal supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement, even resulting in his arrest at one of their organized events. Now it seems that Mensa has appeared in North Dakota to stand in solidarity with the protestors at Standing Rock. And he’s inviting you to join him.

Mensa has spent the past few days at the reservation getting involved with the protestors who are gathered to prevent the continuation of the planned Dakota Access Pipeline. He has taken leave for the next several days, but he has revealed that he will return in full force on Sunday, December 4, and has invited all his fans to join him. Monday, December 5, is the deadline set by the Army Corp for the removal of all remaining protestors, and it appears that Mensa is helping to ensure they won’t go down without a fight.

Make your voice heard and support the rights of indigenous people now in jeopardy. Visit Standing Rock’s website to learn how to get involved immediately.

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