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A 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO is set to go up for sale for the record-breaking, not to mention eye-watering, price of $55 million.

If sold, the car would take the illustrious title of the world’s most expensive car, overtaking another ’62 GTO, which sold for $38,115,000 back in 2014. The difference between this one and that one is largely down to its divergence from the typical Ferrari red color.

“The color’s striking, the blue with a white stripe — it’s original race colors and the race history on the car is really good,” said John Collins, founder of Talacrest, the U.K.-based Ferrari dealer that is selling the vehicle. “Most of the GTOs are red — if you compare this with a red one it just stands out so much more.”

The car was the second of only 39 250 GTOs ever produced, and was the first of its type to compete in a race, succeeding in notching up 17 podium finishes in just 27 races. But, according to Collins, the car is about much more than pure speed.”It’s the curves, the beauty. There’s a big sex appeal of the ’50s, you’ve got all the movie stars buying Ferraris, there’s something glamorous about Ferraris,” he said.

Check out the car above, and if you’ve got the serious cash required to cop, here’s the link you need.

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Words by Daniel Pearson
Life Editor

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