Last month, Highsnobiety went behind the scenes of the music video for two of EDM’s biggest stars, Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf of Krewella. From a swagged out K-town studio plastered with vibrant flags to a decadent yacht on the Pacific Ocean, the visuals are the ultimate party in Culver City.  The pop-infused dance video for their latest single “Team” off of the Ammunition EP, which was released earlier in May, gave a nod to their Pakistani heritage while making a few subtle political statements. The project also keeps up momentum from the duo’s Sweatbox tour which incorporated live rock elements as well as the raw, gritty punk energy that established the girls as mainstays in the EDM world.

“Team” was directed by Halfway House Records creator, Nathan Lim, and produced by Tanya Lim with the help of longtime friend and collaborator Rory Kramer, who is responsible for Chainsmokers and Bieber videos. Nathan was inspired by the insouciant attitude of Lords of Dog Town/Z Boys, but also wanted to incorporate Bollywood influences. Yasmine Yousaf stated, “This song is going to mean different things to everyone who hears it, but we wrote it from the perspective of not needing validation from anyone but your own self to feel good – not wasting time on people who will disrespect you over and over again – and just in general, shedding the negativity in your life. This song is not ‘no new friends’ it is ‘only real ones.”

Perhaps that’s why we see Jahan and Yasmine confidently revving up their team in custom-made jerseys, vintage Pakistani gems, and pieces from Unrvl and Matiere. On the yacht, the dancers also wear pieces from Strita DTLA, Cease & Desist, Suburban Riot, SSUR and Michael Stars. Raised by Wolves,TUK Shoes and Blissker, Dr. Denim, G-Shock and Profound Aesthetic also make an appearance – ah, fashion.

  • Writer:Bukunmi Grace
Words by Staff
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