PG County-based artist Kelow‘s drawling sing-rap style is a syrupy conflation of the area’s go-go, club and hip-hop scene. After premiering her last single, “Shawty Go,” through Noisey’s Beats 1 show in November, Kelow follows up the ode to beautiful women with a teaser video for her new single “Motion Picture.” The two new singles come as a follow up to last year’s Amethyst Stoner EP, which produced the bouncy and relatable track “Finna.”

Though she’s been fairly quiet since Amethyst Stoner‘s release, Kelow hasn’t truly been on hiatus. Instead she embarked on a cross-country tour, performing her music and collaborating with producers around the country. The latest visuals, shot in New York City, open with a dancer swaying down the streets. The dancer also makes an appearance in several scenes, flanked by Kelow in the dim, neon-lighting of Overthrow boxing ring.

Underscoring the theme of a “motion picture,” are shots of Kelow intently watching films – one of which seems to be Scarface – in what appears to be a small, private movie theater. At just under two minutes long the video doesn’t include the entire song but if you like what you’re hearing you can listen to the rest below.

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Words by Stephanie Smith-Strickland
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