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Trump drops the N-bomb in secret The Apprentice tape

Leading up to the election, rumors emerged of a secret tape of footage from The Apprentice that show Donald Trump dropping the N-bomb. A producer on the show confirmed at the time that she has heard of the tape, but never seen it. Well, comedian Tom Arnold revealed that he has seen the tape and is in possession of it, and in addition to using racial slurs, The Donald also calls one of his son a “retard.” When asked why he didn’t leak it, he replied because, “I think they would have liked him more, the people. For being politically incorrect.” Tragically, he’s almost certainly right. – The Slot

Truck crashes into Christmas market in Berlin

Last night, a truck ploughed through a Christmas market in western Berlin, killing 12 people (so far) and injuring another 48. Widely rumored to be a terrorist attack, although that can’t be confirmed just yet, the truck was carrying two people: one died, while the other, said to be an Afghani or Pakistani national, tried to flee on foot before being arrested and hauled away. – The Guardian

Russian ambassador to Turkey murdered

The Russian ambassador to Turkey was shot and killed yesterday when visiting an art gallery in the Turkish capital of Ankara. His murderer was a police officer who shouted “God is great! Don’t forget Aleppo, don’t forget Syria!” before busting a cap in the diplomat. The off-duty cop was then killed by law-abiding cops. This is quite obviously retaliation against Putin’s involvement in the Syrian war, which has swung the conflict Bashar al-Assad’s way. – New York Times

DEA illegalizes weed extract that can’t get you high

Those progressive geniuses at the Drug Enforcement Agency have announced that synthetic CBD oil, a non-psychotropic extract, would become a Schedule I drug as of December 14. These extracts, which can’t even get you high, are useful medicinal remedy for a wide array of ailments and this reclassification will make the lives of those who rely on them needlessly more difficult. What for? Moral puritanism with no scientific basis. – Motherboard

Carolina Panthers beat Washington Redskins

Carolina Panthers cornerback, Josh Norman, faced up against his former team last night, emerging victorious agains the Washington Redskins by a comfortable 26-15. Not that it helped the Panthers much: they remain rooted at the bottom of the NFC south, with the Redskins doing only marginally better in third place in the NFC East. Sorry guys, no Super Bowl for you. – SB Nation

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