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For watch lovers anywhere, the Rolex name is ubiquitous and often associated with a collector’s very first major watch purchase. Now, for fans of both Rolex and artful collaborations alike, there’s a new Rolex Milgauss customized by colette and Mad Paris.

Featuring a clean stainless steel base, the most intriguing part of the design collaboration is the dial’s white face being graced by an almost lazy-looking font proclaiming “Who cares I’m already late” while the watch’s hour numbers lay in a scramble at the bottom. As with all Milgauss watches, the seconds hand has been replaced by a lightning bolt; definitely a neat detail.

Limited to five pieces worldwide, the Mad Paris x colette “Who Cares” watch is now available over at colette’s official site for a retail price of $18,200 USD.

Also, if you’re looking for more interestingly themed Rolex designs, check out this Domino’s Pizza-inspired Rolex.

Words by Marcus Cho