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The latest edition of our globetrotting analog photo series, 36 Frames, comes from photographer Emanuele D’Angelo. Having recently visited the current travel hotspot of Cuba, Emanuele turned his lense on Havana’s colorful streets, highlighting the city’s raw and lively beauty. Here’s what he had to say:

“L’Havana is a very special place. There are extremely poor people living here but for various reasons they’re happy. Cuba is a very poor country but with a rich culture and incredibly beautiful architecture. I met the locals once I was there and a few of them showed me the less-touristic places. I visited people’s homes, which are quite different to our idea of a home. One guy I met has been living for 22 years in an abandoned theater by himself. The place is beautiful but also a bit scary because it looks like it could fell down any second.

They don’t have internet there so they have some people providing wi-fi with a modem for $2 an hour on the streets. Even $1 is quite a lot for them because the average salary of the population is around $40 per month.

L’Havana is only a 45-minute flight from Miami. I was quite impressed with how close it is from the U.S. but at the same time so different. I am thinking to publish a book with some of my images and give most of the profits to the Cubans. They need it.”

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Words by Marta Sundac
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