If, like us, you’ve had your fill of bland, stodgy Christmas leftovers by now, then perhaps vicariously cleanse your palette by checking out Takashi Saito — arguably the world’s sushi G.O.A.T — in action at his three-star Michelin restaurant.

Saito is the chef currently staking a claim against Jiro Ono of Jiro Dreams of Sushi fame for the title of Japan’s best. Like Ono, Saito is elevating the dish to heady new heights, and is one of 13 chefs in Japan to own a restaurant currently boasting the absurd three-star award. As you might expect, getting a reservation at his seven (!?) capacity Sushi Saito restaurant does not come easy, and can take months (if you’re lucky).

In the clip, YouTube users Simon and Martina get up close and personal with the senpai, who explains some of his methods behind sourcing ingredients and preparing dishes. Without a hint of hyperbole, watching Saito at work in the kitchen is pure art, with the chef’s approach to sushi rooted in the philosophical as well as practical.

Watch the mouthwatering footage above, and try not to cry if lukewarm turkey and stale gravy is once again on the menu tonight.

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