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Tonight The Friend, a new bar and restaurant, will be opening its doors in Silver Lake and you can be sure that it will become one of the hippest spots of LA in no time. Why are we so sure of that? Well, because of the people involved. The owners of The Friend are none other than Andre Saraiva, Mickey Madden and Jared Meisler. Andre, the graffiti artist turned restaurant, night club and hotel owner, is famous for his establishments around the globe. From his Hotel Amour to the Le Baron night clubs that have opened in New York, Tokyo, Shanghai and Paris, Andre has the winning formula down. His places are never too pretentious, and they always attract the right crowd.

In the above gallery you can take a look inside The Friend. Drinks will be served by William Cutting and bar food is done by Eric Greenspan. The interior is as special as most of Andre’s places, featuring the art of himself and some of his closest friends, which include Kenny Sharf, Aaron Rose and Tofer Chin.

The Friend
2611 Hyperion Ave.
Los Angeles, CA

Make sure to pass by in 2017, it will be worth it!

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