Tune in and turn up

Most people would consider the year 2016 to have been a bit of a nightmare, and Mariah Carey made sure with her New Year’s Eve performance last night in Times Square to finish it accordingly. Things got complicated during her hit song “Emotions,” but it did not stop there. While she had trouble syncing her singing with the music, later in the performance she stopped singing her song “We Belong Together,” while a recording of it continued to play, confirming the fact that she had been lip-syncing.

Carey, both during the performance and afterwards, claimed that there had not not been a sound check on some songs and that there had been malfunctions with the sound equipment. All in all millions of people were watching a major meltdown on live TV.

You can watch the entire scene now in the video here below.

“That was… amazing.”

The singer took to Twitter today to wish her fans a Happy New Year and to say that “Shit happens.”

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