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There were many tragedies and horrors that occurred in the generally regrettable year of 2016, but the brutal killing of the patrons of Orlando’s Pulse nightclub is one that continues to rock the LGBTQ community. The event reignited the conversation concerning the ever-growing need for safe spaces, particularly in the wake of a government hellbent on removing them.

This idea of the essentiality of these spaces is what drove Berlin-based photographer Matt Lambert to create Home, a piercing body of work focused on the interior lives of young gay men.

Lambert partnered with gay app Grindr for the release of the book, and it was also where he cast a majority of the models featured in the series. The portraits all depict his subjects in incredibly intimate settings, most of them in warmly-lit bedroom scenes. It speaks to the idea that for LGBTQ youth, many are forced to create their own idea of home when their traditional one may be unsafe or nonexistent for them to rely on. Browse the gallery above for a selection of some of the work highlighted in the book.

Home is available now via Grindr’s online store.

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In other photography news, a new series has compiled the best shots of 2016 taken via drone. Take a peek right here.

Words by Jake Boyer
Music Editor
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