adidas Skateboarding’s Magnus Bordewick has unveiled a new skate video for Thrasher, and it’s becoming clear that the lightning quick Norwegian is on the verge of greatness.

The video, which is titled “Tigerstaden” and appears to have been shot in cities all across Europe, features Bordewick going hell for leather throughout, pulling off tricks when others would be thinking about slowing down. If that’s not enough, he also looks like he’s just skated his way out of 2002 (in a good way), rocking vintage pieces from Tommy Hilfiger, Polo Ralph Lauren, HH, Nautica and more.

Check it out above, and after you’ve finished, here’s how to make an actual skateboard out of toilet paper.

In other news, Floyd Mayweather is training Soulja Boy for his fight with Chris Brown.

Daniel is the editor of Highsnobiety Life. He grew up in north of England and is now based in Berlin.

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