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Cottweiler, the brainchild of Matthew Dainty and Ben Cottrell, is all about the juxtapositions. The duo make sportswear — affordable, everyman clothing — but elevate it with next-level fabrics and far-out conceptualism. Their shows meticulously replicate the themes in their collections, but this season’s soundtrack was an audio punch in the face.

Previous Cottweiler collections have referenced everything from new-age cults and agricultural technology to Mediterranean ceramics and office furniture. For FW17, it looked like the boys had gone on a camping trip. Matthew and Ben celebrated the great outdoors via hiker bags, zip-up fleeces and some pretty out-there pieces that looked like walking sleeping bags. Ultra-shaggy trousers looked like luxe interpretations of the sniper’s favorite Ghillie suit.

Knowing Cottweiler, all these outdoorsy references were probably a reference to raves of some sort (a culture the duo has mined for inspiration in the past). As if to prove the point, their gear was topped off by a few glow sticks and a thumping rave soundtrack.

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