Out in the real world news is happening and here are the highlights.

Mike Tyson to train Chris Brown for Soulja Boy fight

As we reported last week, not only is Soulja Boy going to fight Chris Brown in a celebrity boxing match, but Floyd Mayweather Jr. is going to be his trainer. Well, Brown has decided to fight fighter with fighter and has enlisted Mike Tyson to coach him. Tyson says that he’s going to “teach him every dirty trick in the book,” which, if we were to look at Mike’s track record, will probably involve eating ears and sexual assault. – Billboard

Casey Affleck wins best actor Golden Globe for ‘Manchester by the Sea’

Ben Affleck’s younger, less-successful, not-as-good-looking younger brother, Casey, won the Golden Globe for best actor following his magnificent comeback performance in Manchester by the Sea. Take the term “comeback” with a pinch of salt, because it could be that he has regularly been appearing in films over the years but none of them have been worthy of attention. But seriously, after years of living in his Ben’s shadow, could this be the beginning of a late career flourish by Casey? – Boston Globe

Meteorologist says climate change & Trump have forced him into therapy

A prominent meteorologist by the name of Eric Holthaus says that climate change and Donald Trump’s ignorant denial of it have driven him to therapy – which is understandable. After all, unlike the rest of us who get to enjoy running down a hall of mirrors, wallowing in ignorance to the true reality of what’s happening to our planet, able to vaguely grasp it but not truly understand it, it is Holthaus’s job to do exactly that. He has data and studies and empirical knowledge that he can contextualize, and considering that he appears to be on a verge of a breakdown, it’s probably a good sign that we should be too. Eric took to Twitter to pour his heart out and show others who are feeling the same way that they are not alone. – News Busters

Golden State beat Sacramento

The Golden State Warriors edged out the Sacramento Kings in this Californian derby by a 117-106 scoreline that further cements their place at the top of the Western Conference. The victory largely came down to a vicious third-quarter performance by the Warriors, who embarrassed the Kings 39-22 in the third. The defeat means that the Kings slip out of the playoff spots after being leap-frogged by the Trailblazers. – Mercury News

Words by Aleks Eror
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