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Walt Disney took us all by surprise last year with a grim and dark trailer for Lightning McQueen’s third outing, Cars 3. The clip offered only a few moments of the blisteringly fast and fun racing action we’ve come to expect from the franchise, before showing McQueen (played by Owen Wilson) getting into a horrific accident. “From this moment, everything will change,” read the tagline.

Now, Disney is back with an extended trailer and it may calm a few parents’ fears about the movie. It starts in much the same way, but thankfully lightens things up with a load of racing and new character teases.

We know that the movie will see McQueen coming to terms with his diminishing career and the fact he’s no longer the young hotshot, but the good news is that a) he didn’t die in the accident, and b) it’s all set up for a classic Rocky 3-style scenario, with the aging champ taken out by a younger, hungrier rival before having to fight to get back on top.

Find out whether McQueen can rise again when Cars 3 hits cinemas on  June 16, 2017. Until then, watch the new trailer above and the original one down below.

In other news, the Twin Peaks revival finally has a release date.

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