Well, after eight years it’s almost all over. As Barack and his family get set to vacate the White House, with Donald Trump lying in wait, last night saw the outgoing president deliver a highly emotive farewell address to the nation.

Speaking from Chicago, Obama delivered a wide-ranging speech which offered both optimism and caution for the times ahead. Trying to surmise the last tumultuous eight years in just over an hour is something over a Sisyphean task, but if anyone is able to do so in a laconic and elegant manner, it’s the outgoing Prez. Since taking office, Obama’s oratory skills have helped him transcend political status into something of a pop culture icon, and here was a reminder of the unparalleled steeze we’re all going to miss so much.

Touching on issues such as race relations, terrorism, and of course, his own legacy, Obama’s words were met with hope, laughter and tears. Loads and loads of tears — even from the president himself. If anyone was ever in need of a reminder that only real men cry, then this was it.

Get your tissues at the ready and watch the speech in full above, before scrolling down to see some of the best reactions from social media.

Firstly, People Are Still in Denial at the Fact He Is Actually Leaving

Malia Obama Started Crying, Causing Everybody To Lose Their Shit and Suffer a Mini Breakdown

Even People Who Aren’t American…

Including Champagne Papi… Who Paid His Respects With a Rather Disturbing Image

Barack’s Tribute to Michelle Took “Feels” to Another Level

While the Respect for “Jobama” Remains as Strong as Ever

Obama’s Words on Climate Change Struck a Chord

But Then People Remembered What Comes Next

But in the End, Everybody Just Wanted to Say “Thank You, Barack”

After drying your eyes, check out BJ the Chicago Kid give a stirring rendition of the national anthem prior to the speech.

  • Feature and Gallery Image: Thanassis Stavrakis / AP
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