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When it comes to copping streetwear, it’s fair to say eBay can be a bit of a minefield. Sifting through fake after fake to get to the hidden gems and bargains can feel like a laborious — if not soul-destroying — task, but now the auction site has unveiled its latest weapon to help separate the spectacular from the suss.

“eBay Authenticate” will introduce a middle man between buyer and seller to help establish a product’s veracity. The new scheme allows the seller to pay for an item to be sent over to the third party post auction. After receiving the product, the authenticator then performs a real life #legitcheck, before sending the item on to the buyer if all is in order. If the item is found to be fake by the third party, eBay will refund the buyer double the cost of the original price. Additionally, a buyer can pay for an authenticator if the seller opts not to.

“We know that many shoppers may be hesitant to purchase high-end products online,” said eBay Consumer Selling Vice President Laura Chambers. “This service is designed to help quell some of those concerns — and in turn — enhance the opportunity for our sellers to get top dollar for their items.”

eBay will be rolling out a pilot program with designer handbags in the U.S. soon. Good news, then, for those looking to splurge on an LV monogram number.

Recently, we posed the question as to why people actually buy fake streetwear.

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