Mike Tyson has landed the first blow in the battle between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy by releasing a diss track titled “If You Show Up,” along with an accompanying official video. That’s a sentence we didn’t think we’d be writing six months ago.

Tyson announced he will be training Brown for the celebrity boxing match after Floyd Mayweather revealed he will be training Soulja Boy. Iron Mike then teased a diss track shortly afterwards, though it wasn’t clear how much of that was just a joke. It turns out he wasn’t joking — the track is officially here, and yes, it’s awful.

Mike drops lines like “Chris Brown’s gonna make you shit your pants” while a badass bunch of women lip-sync along. Some are wearing bikinis in a hot tub, others are wearing suits on a basketball court. It makes absolutely no sense. Watch it above.

Meanwhile, Soulja Boy just dropped his own diss track aimed at Brown and 50 Cent. “Aye 50 Cent what you talking about?” Soulja says in the intro. “You made all that money off Vitamin Water and then filed for bankruptcy. You know I’mma knock Chris Brown out when I see him.” Check it out below.

In other news, LCD Soundsystem share an update regarding upcoming album.

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