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Leading up to the release of his new album, I Decided, Big Sean stopped by Zane Lowe‘s Beats 1 show today to discuss the project, in addition to his boo thing Jhené Aiko and various collaborations from the forthcoming work.

Below we’ve showcased a number of excerpts from the sit-down, as you can then listen to the entire interview underneath, followed by video highlights.

Also, don’t forget, I Decided arrives on February 3.

On asking Andre 3000 to be on the record:

Andre 3000? Well no, I don’t ever ask people but there was talks of a collab between me and him. We were vibing to some things but it just not on this album, maybe you’ll get it later.

On Rick Rubin:

The feedback he gave was so important. It put a lot of things into perspective. I played it for him at an earlier stage. He was very much loving the work and you can ask him away from me, but he told me how he felt about it and how much he respected it and loved it and he had a couple suggestions and I took those suggestions. I’m talking about minor things, maybe you should change the music here, maybe you should drop the drums here. Things along those lines. I’m lucky to have those contacts and those people who care enough about music to not even to get anything out of it but to just help that person. Humanity needs to remember that karma is a real thing. That you are supposed to help your brother up, you’re supposed to help you sister up. You are supposed to help people. You’re getting paid in a whole other way thats more important than anything money can buy.

On “No Favors” with Eminem:

Eminem, he was the only person I heard that could be on that song, to keep it honest. It kinda reminded me of, it just reminded me of why I am such an Eminem fan. It reminded me of why I fell in love with Eminem’s work. He is unique, he’s special. And that’s what I was thinking, when I first heard him he was bringing new flows to the game. When he did this verse it brought that feeling right back to me, wow this is like a brand new energy.

On TWENTY88/Jhené Aiko:

Just ever since my Detroit mixtape, that was one of our first collabs, to “Beware” to “I Know” on Dark Sky Paradise to other songs. It was just always whenever I would listen back to those songs I would get a special feeling and the chemistry musically is undeniable to me, when I hear it. That’s at least how I feel. When me and her got together working on more music we just had the idea like yo why not come together and form a group. Take it to that level of commitment to the artistry and give the fans something special. It was people hitting me up all the time like “You should do a project with her,” like randomly. Like “Oh, yeah?” Me and her can make love songs, we can make inspirational songs and do it in a way to where it’s different from what she does and it’s different from what I do. So when you come up with something you feel like that about, that’s when you give that it’s own path. That’s what I feel like, TWENTY88 is on it’s own path. I’m happy to have it be a part of this album, even if it is just for a little bit.

On Metro Boomin:

There are Metro Boomin songs that didn’t make this album that are crazy. It’s one that didn’t make the album, that I think is more than album worthy but it just didn’t make the album. Well right now we call it Super Metro 3, thats just the name of the beat. But we’ve just been calling the song Super Metro 3. I don’t want to say the other title, it’s like a two part Metro track. It still might but even if it doesn’t make the cut for this album, this isn’t my last album. I feel like Metro’s presence. Sometimes you don’t want to put songs that are getting same ideas across as other songs at least, I don’t. Even if it sounds good. Even if its like whatever. They’re both A & A to me. The quality that Metro brings. Metro Boomin is young, he’s like 24, and he has the brightest future ahead of him. I do remember some of those lyrics but I’m not going to say them because I am going to want to put that out soon. I might put that out soon.

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