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Genderless nipple campaign battles Instagram sexist nudity policy

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Instagram does not allow photos featuring female nipples. Male nipples are okay, boobs are okay as long as the nipple is covered by some sort of sticker or emoji or something, man boobs are totally fine, perhaps even encouraged, some would say, but don’t you dare show a female nipple on Instagram. It is not allowed. There is quite obviously a double standard on play here, which borders on sexist. What makes a female nipple less acceptable than a male nipple? To change this, the people behind the genderless_nipples account are encouraging users to post and send them close-up shots of their nipples to throw IG’s censors by distorting the gender of the person attached to that nipple. – The Guardian

Temperatures reach record high for third year running

So, it’s official: 2016 was the hottest year on record, since records began, for the third year running. The last time that the earth was warming at this rate was 66 million years ago – 10 times faster than at any other point in history since the dinosaurs went extinct. With Trump set to enter the White House tomorrow, there’s no point even stressing over the futility of it all. – New York Times

American city sues OxyContin manufacturer

The Washington city of Everett is preparing to sue OxyContin manufacturer, Purdue Pharma, after the company’s internal e-mails revealed that it knows that its drugs are reaching the streets via the black market. The basis of the lawsuit is the tens of millions of dollars that the city will have to spend combating the drug problem that Purdue can’t be bothered to address. – King5

Golden State dominate Oklahoma City – again

Kevin Durant helped himself to a season-high of 40 points against his former employers as the Golden State Warriors routed Oklahoma City Thunder 121-100. Russell Westbrook helped the Thunder save face by scoring his 21st triple-double of the season, but his teammates consistently let him down, and, as such, Oklahoma City languishes in seventh place. – CBS Sports

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