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Saša Kovačević’s label Sadak has steadily built a name for itself on the Berlin Fashion Week circuit as one of the few menswear brands to show in the city. Now in it’s seventh year, Sadak’s DNA is firmly set, with the brand delivering its signature streetwear alongside tailored pieces with subversive accents.

Questions of gender were once again at the fore, with delicate silk embroidery and kilts providing a contrast to the otherwise overtly masculine streetwear looks. Provocative fetish-tinged details including cutouts, sheer fabrics and pleather reinforced this, while colors were muted and neutral, with a few pops of primary shades.

Sadak delivers streetwear for the niche subcultures out there who are staying true to themselves and refuse to be put in a box, whether its applicable to gender, sexuality, race, or religion, and in todays climate there’s nothing more important than being proud of one’s individuality and true to who you are.

Berlin-based brand Antonia Goy also presented its Fall/Winter 2017 collection at the recent fashion week.

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