For being such a small country in size, the mark that Jamaica has left on culture at large is insurmountable. The island nation’s music scene was the genesis of genres like reggae, dancehall and ska, and artists like Bob Marley and Peter Tosh created work that transcended all borders and creeds. Yet in spite of this, Jamaica’s musical legacy is in jeopardy with an all but forgotten recording industry left in the dust. Forgotten until now that is.

Pressing Matters in Jamaica is a new mini-documentary from journalist Vivien Goldman and the Vinyl Factory that sheds light on the current state of affairs in the industry. It compiles interviews from numerous figures in the music scene–from record company employees to DJs to professional musicians–and it takes the viewer inside some truly legendary locales like Bob Marley’s former vinyl pressing plant.

Watch the documentary in full above, and revisit the powerhouse that was Bob Marley playing live below.

In other music news, French Montana has shared a video with Diddy called “Can’t Feel My Face” that sees the duo getting down with Eastern philosophy. Watch it right here.

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