Big Mac fiends, we’ve got more good news. Following the announcement that McDonald’s is releasing two new sizes of the iconic burger (including a massive “Grande Mac,”) the Golden Arches is celebrating their arrival by giving away free bottles of that tasty Big Mac sauce.

In the burger’s near 50-year history, McDonald’s has never sold the sauce on an industrial scale in the United States, nor has it ever revealed the secrets behind its delicious appeal.  The ice began to thaw last year, however, when it began selling the condiment in Australia, as well as auctioning a bottle of it for £12,000 on eBay.

Now, though, the wider American public will have the chance to get their hands on it for the very first time. According to the press release, McDonald’s will be giving away 10,000 bottles in restaurants across the country, as well as via its social media accounts.

Here’s the full list of participating restaurants. People elsewhere around the world, you’ll just have to cross your fingers for an official release.

In other news, Shia LaBeouf has been arrested and charged with assault.

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