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For its latest project, architecture design organization WOJR has unveiled a mysterious dwelling labeled the “Mask House.”

Constructed in Idaho, NY, the building was conceptualized from a rather sad storyline about a man looking for a place of refuge after losing his younger brother.

The crib — which let’s be honest, looks slightly sinister from the outside — hangs over a slope and is supported with stilts and a large wall covering the facade. Inside, the sequence of rooms are designed with a Scandinavian aesthetic in mind, and are said to offer protection while “removing one from the world of every day.” Large windows look out onto the lake and local foliage, leaving the aforementioned man plenty to take in while in deep monastic reflection.

Last December, the 587-sq-ft building won a Residential Design Award. We think it would make a great space for another edgy, modern reboot of Wuthering Heights.

Check out the photos above, and then check out this black/white bike from Eltipo Graphic Design Studio.

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