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Trump’s Mexico Wall Tax will drive up avocado & taco prices

Despite consistently repeating that he’s going to charge Mexico for a wall that runs along the U.S. southern border, the Mexican government is refusing to play along with Donald Trump’s delusional racist fantasy and has repeatedly said that it’s not going to pay for that “fucking wall.” So, Donnie came up with a plan: slap a 20 percent tariff on imported Mexican goods, which, of course, American consumers are going to have to bear the brunt of when it drives up the prices of avocados, tacos and other Mexican-sourced products.  Ay, caramba! – BBC News

Trump strategist Stephen Bannon declares war on media

The Trump Regime more or less openly declared war on the media, showing off its fascist tendencies once again. In an interview with the New York Times, senior White House strategist and well-known white supremacist, Stephen Bannon, who used to be head of Breitbart News, declared that the media “is the opposition party” and “not the democrats.” He also suggested that the media should “shut its mouth.” A very convincing Josef Goebbels impersonation. Meanwhile, Trump’s bromance with Sean Hannity has grown ever-more intense, and in a tour around the oval office, Trump pointed to a stack of papers on his desk and said: “Look at my desk, papers. You don’t see presidents with papers on that desk.” Satire is dead. – New York Times

Uber was the most-expensed business expense of 2016

In case you’ve never had a job before, there’s something called business expenses, where a company pays for the costs its employee(s) incurs while away on company business: stuff like lunches or train tickets or whatever. Well, Uber was the most commonly-expensed business expense in 2016, making up six percent of expenses. Starbucks came in second with four percent, as did Delta and American Airlines. 52 percent of business travelers expensed an Uber ride compared to a mere 4 percent for its main competitor, Lyft. – Morning Consult

LA Lakers lose AGAIN

Once Trump is done Making America Great Again he could turn his tiny, magical hands to the even greater task of making the LA Lakers A Functioning Basketball Team Again. The Lakers endured their 34th defeat of the season against the Utah Jazz, losing 96-88. Celebrating his first game after being selected for the NBA All-Stars, Gordon Hayward helped himself to 24 points, George Hill added 12, while Rudy Gobert squeezed out nine. – Reuters

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