The world has continued to watch in horror as Donald Trump has efficiently ordered an immigration ban on citizens of seven majority-Muslim countries. Many organiations outside the political sphere have shown their immediate plans of resistance, including a huge hiring pledge by Starbucks and a letter of intent from Nike’s CEO. Now comes some extremely important work from two of the music industry’s biggest: Sia and Grimes.

Both the pop star and the alternative electro goddess have taken to their Twitters to announce a campaign where each one of them will match the donations of fans to a chosen organization engaged to combat these measures. Sia’s donations will be heading to the American Civil Liberties Union with a cap of a whopping $100,000, while Grimes’ are going to Council on American Islam-Relations until she hits $10,000. If you want to take part, all you have to do is screenshot your donation and tweet it back to them.

Both of these organizations have begun the initial steps in filling a lawsuit against the Trump administration for these unconstitutional executive orders. Be sure to visit both the ACLU and the CAIR to get involved right now.

In other music news, Drake opened the first night of his ‘Boy Meets World’ tour by playing a brand new song. Listen to it right here.

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