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As a part of their 10th anniversary celebration, the National Art Center of Tokyo commissioned Tokyo-based French architect and artist Emmanuelle Moureaux to construct what is now known as “Forest of Numbers.” Moureaux was thus tasked with transforming the 2,000-square-meter Special Exhibition Gallery room into a vibrantly-colored wonderland.

Her “Forest of Numbers” exhibit is filled with 100 colors and a symbolization of the next 10 years. Over 60,000 numerical figures (0-9) constructed from paper in 3D grids were utilized to visualize the next decade. The 10 layers from the installation in turn represent 10 years of time, while each individual layer made use of four digits to coincide with the relevant year of that layer.

On display at the National Art Center of Tokyo from January 20 through January 30, you can get a feel for the colorful installation via the imagery above.

Not NYC, not LA.

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