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[UPDATE: December 12, 12:10 p.m. EST] A Burton press contact has reached out to us with the following information:

The Heel Cleat component found on all Burton Step On™ boots features two levels of connection with two different engagement positions. Position 1 is designed to accommodate for underfoot snowpack. The final heel engagement position, Position 2, is the optimal and most common riding position.

We’ve discovered a possible issue in which the Heel Cleat may not properly engage when in Position 1. While this only affects the functionality of Position 1, we strongly advise an immediate update to the Heel Cleat on your Step On boots.

Until this update has been made, please ride with the Heel Cleat engaged in Position 2.

How to update your Step On boots:

The new part is already on its way and will arrive at your place shortly. Installation is easy. Learn more in this helpful how-to.

Don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself?

Choose the best option that works for you, and we’ll take care of the rest:

1. Bring your Step On boots to your nearest Burton Flagship store or Step On Authorized Dealer.
2. Send your Step On boots to us.

Vermont-based brand Burton recently invited us out to one of Europe’s premiere snowboarding destinations, Laax, Switzerland, to try out their unreleased Step On binding system. You may recall from our coverage about two months ago, the company’s latest innovation is designed to add valuable riding time by minimizing time spent strapping and unstrapping throughout the day. While many of today’s riders swore off step-in systems following frustration and even painful lessons years ago, Burton’s latest development should certainly convince them to give the concept another shot.

From the back, Step On looks like any other strap-based binding system. On closer inspection, however, it’s been designed in a clever way that provides more fit and comfort than the step-ins of years past ever could. The bindings themselves feature a “heel buckle,” which acts as the main retention system, that clicks into the boot’s “heel cleat.” Two “toe hooks,” meanwhile, act as the secondary retention system and hold the boot’s “toe cleats.” Both the Photon and Felix Step On boots even come with ankle straps to mimic the tightness offered by traditional strap bindings.

Adjusting to them only took a few hours in the morning and by the time the afternoon rolled around, we were as confident as ever. Not once did we experience any accidental popping out and getting in and out basically perfected by the end of the first day. Although the models we were using were prototypes, the ones hitting the market later this year are absolutely worth trying out – for beginners and professionals alike.

Pricing for the boot and binding together are as follows:

Single Zone Package
$549.90 for men’s (Ruler Boot $299.95 + StepOn Binding $249.95)
$549.90 for women’s (Limelight Boot $299.95 + StepOn Binding $249.95)

Dual Zone Package
$649.90 for men’s (Photon Boot $399.95+ StepOn Binding $249.95)
$619.90 women’s (Felix Boot $369.95+ StepOn Binding $249.95)

Launch colorways are offered up for men in the gallery above, while women can find their respective colorway options below.

Take a closer look at the system in the video below and look for the Step On to hit shops late 2017. For more info, head straight to Burton.com.

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