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Rising Los Angeles-based crooner ThiDaniel is a master of moods. “Purple,” the debut single from the singer is an intelligently evocative slice of bedroom-pop, leaving first time listeners eager to see what the former Berklee School of Music student would unveil next. Well, look no further. “Purple” is but a piece of the puzzle of the brand new Lilac EP, which we are thrilled to premiere right here. Give a listen below.

The full EP offers a total of six songs – four of them are completely new. When asked about his inspiration he said, “When I was young my mother would always say I was free. Freedom in my imagination; in my mind. I download memories like photos off my hard drive, wishing they were polaroids, like everyone else in their fantasized nostalgia. Making this collection was like always reminding myself of my inner child. Arcades, rock and roll and my favorite color…purple. Chasing the deliverance of my youth through faded shades of purple, Lilac is my offering.”

“Purple” is definitely still a stand-out. While referencing marijuana, is likely also an homage to the singer’s idol Jimi Hendrix. The soaring melody also offers just the kind of hazy soundscape, arbitrary guitar riffs and heaping dollop of soul that hooks the ear and lifts the spirits. “We were going crazy, we were acting hazy, we were smoking purple,” sings ThiDaniel between stanzas that praise his lady’s superior bedroom skills.

But that track is only one element of Lilac, which though decidedly R&B-inflected, still offers unmistakable tinges of the rock n’ roll spirit and attitude. In his followup single, “Don’t Trip Chill Vibe,” the singer actually does go full-on rockstar with a music video that features a live tiger, among other things. Watch that below.

Stay tuned to see where ThiDaniel heads next, and let us know what you think of the EP below.

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  • Photographer: Nick Walker
Words by Stephanie Smith-Strickland
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