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While many did not find anything humorous about Donald Trump’s recent solo press conference, seeing as he is the leader of the free world for the foreseeable future and all, a number of talk show hosts have since utilized their talents to comically mock the bizarre event.

One such entertainer is Jimmy Fallon, who took to his Tonight Show on Thursday to give his best impression of Trump’s first-ever solo press conference. Decked out in plenty of orange makeup and a blonde comb-over, Fallon then began to ramble incoherently, of course as a knock on Trump.

Fallon made sure to address “fake news,” while he also vowed to make Beyoncé Secretary of Labor because of her pregnancy expertise. The talk show host also made use of a tiny prop hand to drink a glass of water and then promised to change his oft-used slogan to the “classier” “faux news.”

Press play above to check it all out.

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