As the fourth season of John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight rolls on, Russia President Vladimir Putin is the latest target to wind up in the British comedian’s (strictly metaphorical) crosshairs.

Perturbed at President Trump’s apparent cozying up, Oliver explains why the newly-elected administration shouldn’t be trying too hard to please the controversial leader. Oliver takes several stabs at Putin’s character and cult of personality, before sharing an anecdote about the time radio-controlled flying dildos interrupted Russian chess G.O.A.T Garry Kasparov at a political press conference. Yes, radio controlled flying dildos.

The highlight, however, comes at the video’s 18:45 mark when Oliver channels the most powerful medium of all — techno music, of course — to give Trump a tongue-in-cheek reminder of the risk inherent in such a bromance. You can hear the actual track — legitimately played at Putin rallies across Russia — below.

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