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Shanghai studio Metroscapes have designed a brilliant concept for an undeniably futuristic art gallery located in Belgrade. Dubbed Belgrade City Art Gallery, the establishment overlooks the Danube Rivers, providing with one of the best views of the Serbian city.

In addition to commercial and technical areas, the art gallery is home to a café and restaurant, all while providing access to the most notable element of the space, the main balcony. Two large balconies are then positioned on the left and right of the glass facade, one upper and one lower, curving around the side of the building.

“The design of the building itself should have the goal of enhancing the image of the city, but at the same time inherit its values and perfectly fit in it,” explains the studio.

Below the main floor you will find educational and managing areas, as guests can then take advantage of the lower balcony, which acts as a place of rest and reflection in between lectures and/or workshops.

The main exhibition space is thus organized into a large, open plan hall, allowing room for a myriad of installations, before expanding into a spacious exterior patio. The second exhibition area, as well as storage, are featured on the lowest level.

Not NYC, not LA.

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