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If you’re in the market for a ride that’s practical, environmentally sound and undeniably cute, then look no further than the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive. The German automotive company has just unveiled its fourth-generation model which combines the agility of the Smart with local emission-free driving.

The ForTwo might not be a hypercar, but relative to size, it still offers up some impressive specs. While top speeds are limited to 80 mph, the whip can reach 37 mph in a brisk 4.9 seconds. Peak power is up 5kW to 60kW, which delivers 81bhp with an instant 118lb ft of torque. Yep — like all electric cars — instant.

The all-electric model can reach a best-ever distance of 100 miles on a single charge. To achieve full juice, the car will need to be hooked up to a three-pin domestic socket for a minimum of six hours; a designated wallbox can achieve an 80 percent charge after 2.5 hours. An accompanying smartphone app has also been devised, which allows the owner to monitor the charge process from afar.

Purpose built for urban mobility thanks to its low center of gravity, just like its predecessors, the ForTwo is able to park itself in even the tightest nooks and crannies. For thrill seekers, zig-zagging in and out of busy motorway traffic is basically like a real-life game of Tetris.

Look out for the little guy launching this spring for around $23,000.

In other car news, designers with too much time on their hands have unveiled mock-up images of Apple products as cars.

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