“Lil late, just be happy that I’m here,” raps Warm Brew’s Ray Wright in the opening lines of the trio’s warm weather-friendly single, “I Swear.” It’s a Kanye West kind of line but somehow completely devoid of the “Famous” rapper’s notorious arrogance. With Warm Brew, no matter how swaggering and braggadocio-filled their lyrics, it’s always cut with an undertone of West Coast chill that makes everything feel like a backyard party.

In their latest visual, produced by Red Bull Studios, the trio – Ray, Manu Li and Serk Spliff – attend a pretty chill house party while lyrically recounting the pros of living a life full of nonstop functions, bad women and liquor.

It’s a summer anthem in the making, and the laid-back production lends it the feel of being perfectly suited for block parties, barbecues and shooting the breeze with friends.

For more from Warm Brew be sure to visit the group’s website to pick up a copy of Diagnosis.

Words by Stephanie Smith-Strickland
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