Sure, NERF wars were absolutely awesome when you were a kid, but now, to keep its luster, it’s time to crank up the speed and the power.

Accordingly, here we get a look at the world’s fastest NERF dart.

First off, yes, this is just an average NERF dart, but what it’s being shot out of is far from ordinary. You can’t exactly buy this bad boy at your local toy store, as one such enthusiast has tested out what kind of damage just a normal NERF Dart can do if shot at super high speed. For this, he built a homemade NERF Cannon using a repurposed oxygen tank and various other parts lying around his shop.

Upon testing out his NERF cannon, the ordinary dart was able to pierce all the way through a Red Bull with seemingly no resistance at all.

To see the world’s fastest NERF dart in action, press play above.

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