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Banksy has made a career out of wild artistic statements, but this just might be the most outrageous yet. For his latest project, the anonymous British graffiti artist has opened the doors on a hotel located next to the wall which separates Israel from Palestinian territories.

Self-explanatorily dubbed “The Walled Off Hotel,” the guesthouse is located in Bethlehem and consists of nine ordinary rooms and one presidential suite. According to The Guardian, Banksy’s team claims the hotel is a real business venture and not just an artistic stunt; those looking to visit can book via a website beginning at the end of the month.

As well as new Banksy pieces, the space will also host exhibitions and works from Palestinian artists. By doing so, Banksy hopes to ignite discussion around the ongoing West Bank situation. It is said the hotel will have a “colonial” theme.

Breaking his Instagram silence for the first time in two years, Banksy shared images of a mural included in one of the rooms earlier today. In typical Banksy style, a riot guard and protester can be seen battling with feather pillows.

Probably another misguided venture into corporate hospitality – the Walled Off hotel

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Images of the hotel have begun to circulate on social media, including a presidential suite bed with a barbed wired heart. Peep them below.

Banksy has long been outspoken about the Israel/Palestine conflict, with some of his most famous works created on the West Bank barrier. Last year, he returned to the area for an ironic tourism video.

What do you think of the hotel? Would you visit? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Source: The Guardian
  • Main and Featured Image: Emma Graham-Harrison‏ / The Guardian
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