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After breathing the ocean air on the Spanish coast, photographer Chris Wilson and his girlfriend’s Highsnobiety Travel ventures continued inward with a visit to the country’s rustic heartlands.

Starting out in Granada, the pair took in the stunning Sierra Nevada mountains before sampling some of the city’s vibrant bars and nightlife. Days later, they’d pitch up in the rocky lands of Ronda, which made its name as a getaway retreat for famous writers including Orson Welles and Ernest Hemingway.

Next on the hit list was Besalu, a small, picture-postcard town that once thrived in the middle ages. “We bought some pungent cheese and salty, cured meats from the local delicatessen, they were too good to resist,” remarked Chris, as if to make us even more jealous.

Finishing the trip in style, the couple headed for the riverside town of Broto near the awe-inspiring Pyrenees Mountains. “It’s quite a surreal place, completely pristine and untouched, you can almost imagine dinosaurs roaming the forests and plains between the steep walls of the rocky mountains,” said the photographer. “The soothing sound of waterfalls was accompanied by the calls of the enormous bearded vultures soaring high above us.” Guapa.

Check out the photos above, and then hop across the strait of Gibraltar to Marrakech, Morroco.

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