When watching a Quentin Tarantino film, you know to expect a lot of violence — and a lot of suspense.

The above video from YouTube channel Lessons From The Screenplay examines just how Tarantino builds this tension and suspense, using the famous first scene from Inglourious Basterds as an example.

In the film’s opening, we see SS Colonel Hans Landa visit a french farmer, Perrier LaPadite, who he suspects of sheltering a Jewish family.

Lessons From The Screenplay’s creator Michael Tucker takes a detailed look at the scene, using quotes from an academic paper and interviews from Quentin Tarantino himself, to show us exactly how Tarantino creates tension, suspense, dread, and eventually hope at the end of the scene’s violent conclusion.

As Tucker points out, this scene is the longest in the screenplay — coming in at 17 pages, but in Tucker’s estimation the scene’s length amplifies its dramatic value.

Watch the video above to learn some screenplay skills from the best.

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