Tune in and turn up

The lead-up to Arca’s forthcoming self-titled record has been a wild ride. After surprise dropping lead single “Piel” a few weeks ago, he followed that up hours later with a video for second single “Anoche,” an eerie bit of Cronenberg-esque body horror. But everything so far has paled in comparison to his latest work “Reverie,” a visual that is equal parts gorgeously beautiful and horrifyingly disturbing. Watch it above.

The video sees Arca in an ornate torero jacket paired with a macabre set of hoof-like stilts, giving the artist an unsettling pattern of movement. What happens next is truly something out of a horror film and a continued exploration of Arca’s career-long theme of the body turned against itself. Musically, the track is notable in that continues the previously-released singles’ stylistic choice of having Arca’s vocals front and center, a stark contrast to the mostly production-based work of his previous albums.

Arca is out on April 7. Revisit the video for “Anoche” below.

In other music news, the one and only Tommy Cash has returned with a new music video even wilder than his first viral sensation. Watch it right here.

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