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Let’s not kid ourselves. This week in new music was dominated by one thing first and foremost: a surprise new release from the ever-elusive Frank Ocean, complete with an A$AP Rocky remix that fell hot on its heels.

And as gratifying as that track proved to be, there was still quite a bounty of tunes that came our way this week. From the latest stunner from Arca in the lead-up to his self-titled record to the unexpected return of Feist to a Snoop Dogg remix that ignited fury from the leader of the free world, here are our picks for the very best tracks of the week:


Oh how we’ve missed you, Actress! Back with some more extended electronic sorcery, we humbly thank you for dropping this extreme, shuffling banger as part of your forthcoming album AZD. We’ll stop referring to you as if you’re our cult leader when we start getting sick of your music…


The latest single dropped by Arca in support of his upcoming self-titled record continues to show that a serious artistic reinvention is at hand. The enigmatic producer has displayed a radical vulnerability often hidden in his previous work through the use of his haunted vocals, and “Reverie” is his strongest showing of this trait yet. Add in the truly nightmarish visuals that ushered the track in and you have what feels like a career best for the artist.


After six years of near silence, it was easy to think of Feist as a musical project confined to the past. But she has reemerged seemingly out of the blue with “Pleasure,” the title track of an album out next month. And in just under five minutes, she immediately shows precisely what she’s been up to in the interim: honing her ability to make hushed, evocative guitar-pop and mixing in the new, integral element of raw, unbridled bluesy swagger which comes snarling out of each chorus.

Flatbush Zombies–“Babel”

The Brooklyn trio marked their return to music with a woozy reverie – adding to the sound that they’ve become synonymous with over the years – and it’s pure, melancholic heat.

Frank Ocean–“Chanel”

“Chanel” is, without contest, Ocean’s most shockingly subversive work to date. While the subtext may be lost on the casual listener, the duality of “Chanel” is quite bluntly addressing Ocean’s bisexuality and the pratfalls of gender expectations therein. “My guy pretty like a girl and he got fight stories to tell,” he begins before brusquely describing a sexual encounter with “one that’s straight acting.”

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Freddie Gibbs–“NO PRBLMS Freestyle”

Fresh from returning to action and addressing his time spent in jail on “Crushed Glass,” Freddie Gibbs stays busy dropping more and more fresh heat with this “NO PRBLMS Freestyle.” Taking rising artist 6LACK’s atmospheric, R&B jam and laying down his slick coke bars on top of it, Gibbs takes the original beat to an entirely different, thugged-out realm.

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Lais–“Voodoo (Señorita Reprise)”

In the multitude of seminal Justin Timberlake singles that have come our way in his decade-plus career as a solo artist, “Señorita” remains one of his best. Produced by the inimitable Pharrell Williams, it is a song that serves as a quintessential example of his unique blend of being adorable and sexy. So it come as something of a shock to hear this track completely turned on its head as a dark, brooding bit of melancholy, which is precisely how it sounds in “Voodoo,” the newest single from rising artist Lais.

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Lone–“Crush Mood”

Chuuuuuune! All the essential elements of any house stomper is right here in this new one from Lone – a vague yet inspirational vocal sample, blown out kick drum, dusty snares, wavy lead melody… This one will certainly be on high rotation at all pre-games this weekend.

Mura Masa & Charli XCX–“1 Night”

Mura Masa and Charli XCX both produce infectiously good pop music, and this connection duly delivers all the expected results. Halcyon, summer-evening sweetness.

Rick Ross–“Trap Trap Trap” ft. Young Thug & Wale

Rozay is back, in a big way. This track seems to be a competition of who can go the hardest, with all three absolutely snapping on their respective verses. It’s ensuring a certified screw-face currently etched onto the author’s face.

Snoop Dogg & BADBADNOTGOOD–“Lavender” (Nightfall Remix)

Likely the best music video of the week with its apt satire of the current United States of America and the clown who is somehow in charge, the Snoop-featuring, Nightfall remix of Lavender goes hard. The production by Kaytranada and BADBADNOTGOOD in and of itself is sweetly sinister, but anything grace with Snoop Dogg’s presence automatically reeks of dank badassery. You know you’re poppin’ in 2017 when you have personal beef with Donald Trump.


Tinashe – light of our life. Bless you for this scintillating slice of pop perfection. We can’t wait to belt this out at karaoke, but for now we’ll just stick to our bedroom, where no one will shame us for our cozy nighttime looks. We already know this will be the soundtrack to cry-swiping through Tinder and flipping through the rolodex of everyone who’s ever wrongly left us on read.

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  • Text: Jake Boyer, Jacob Davey, Bianca Giulione
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