Where the runway meets the street

If you don’t work in fashion, the wilds of fashion week can seem pretty incomprehensible. Luckily, the above video takes a David Attenborough-esque look at street-style, explaining all its various rituals in detail.

The video, courtesy of W, outlines the various ways each street-style style “presents” themselves and describes how they attract attention with “bright displays of contrast, adornment, and chic.” It even goes so far as to assign scientific names to certain looks including “Camouflaged Dominatrix,” “The Walking Jellyfish,” and “Sherbert-flocked Hubris.”

Unsurprisingly, Anna Wintour presents herself with a “unbroken iridescence that is unknown to any other species.” Watch the video above.

In other fashion news, Outdoor Voices’s latest collection will make you feel at one with nature.

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