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Swedish multinational furniture company IKEA presents its latest product with Smart Lighting — an extensive range of wireless, plug-and-play solutions that allow people to easily adapt lighting in their home.

Consisting of LED panels, bulbs and cabinet doors that can be controlled using a remote or the new TRÅDFRI app (dim, turn on, turn off) — the goal is to enable us to have better lighting at home, in an easy and affordable way. With various lighting options suited for early mornings, late evenings, for work and more — sensors are an optional and extra feature, which allow the lights to switch on and off automatically when someone enters or leaves a room. Additionally, the line includes Surte and Jormlien light doors, and the Floalt LED panels – all of which offer sufficient lighting in rooms that lack natural daylight.

While the series isn’t compatible with Amazon Echo or Google Home, those who have smart-home hubs that connect using ZigBee technology shouldn’t have a problem integrating the app and sensors. Basic kits start at about $19 USD, and the bulbs can be used in any lamp with standard socket sizes.

Look for the entire collection to debut at your IKEA flagship location soon and enjoy examples of the smart lightning below.

IKEA also has an upcoming poster series with contributions from 12 artists.

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