Underground NYC Club Figure False Witness Drops Debut EP Under GHE20G0TH1K Label

Distinguished NYC nightlife institution GHE20G0TH1K has just recently dropped the sophomore project under its eponymous record label imprint with False Witness’s The Art of Fighting EP. A known figure in the Big Apple’s thriving underground community, this is False Witness’s third official EP, employing his trademark chaotic club sound that swerves and glides through a bevvy of high-octane subgenres (reggaeton, industrial, techno, hardstyle) and sounds (car crashes, sirens, horror movie scores and video game samples).

“The battlefield is the only world we’ve ever known: uneven, dangerous, and evolving. A haze of smoke settles to the ground, but who proved the victor is yet to be known. False Witness’ 3rd official EP, The Art of Fighting, re-imagines the lessons of the digital past as a means to take on the onset of a gory, disturbingly collusive future.”

Press Release

Listen to False Witness’s The Art of Fighting EP below then be sure to session fellow New Yorker Joey Leibeija’s equally sinister Violator EP.