Tune in and turn up

UPDATE 05/05/2017: As promised, LCD Soundsystem released two brand new songs at the stroke of midnight. Stream “Call The Police” and “American Dream” below.

Last week, LCD Soundsystem announced that they would be holding a 5-show residency to open a new venue in Brooklyn called Brooklyn Steel. Fan speculation ran wild that this would finally be the time that the band unveils new music, promised for over a year now. Good news for fans; that time has indeed arrived. A poster at the venue point blank addresses the band playing new tunes.

The band has asked fans not to film any of the new songs at the upcoming gigs, citing that “It’d be a real gutpunch to all the people who have been working insanely hard for the last 18 months to release this music in the way we want to release it.” On the other hand, they also asked fans not to film any old songs, stating that “We already made a whole movie out of those and you’re not gonna find a ‘better angle’ with your iPhone than Spike Jonze found with his camera.” Touché.

Stay tuned for new music shortly. Watch LCD Soundsystem play “Losing My Edge” at their ‘final’ Madison Square Garden concert below.

In other music news, Arca’s self-titled new album is finally out. Stream it in full right here.

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