Trends come and go a lot these days — especially in the fashion-forward end of the style spectrum. While we’re constantly reporting on new vibes that we’re excited about, it’s easy to forget that a lot of the stuff style-conscious guys got bored with a while ago have since made it over into the mainstream. With that in mind, we linked with London trend experts EDITED to see what’s popping — and what’s not — with mass-market retailers at the minute.

Unlike other trend forecasting agencies, which use perceptions and guesswork to predict forthcoming fads, EDITED is all about data. The agency is an industry-standard source of real-time sales stats, which they use to outline contemporary trends and tastes. Basically, they know what everyone’s buying right now.

We hit up Tara Drury, EDITED’s menswear analyst, to see what’s in — and what’s out — this season. EDITED scans the whole market, so some of the changes in consumer behavior listed here are a bit far behind in comparison to the stuff regular Highsnobiety readers are engaging with.

Of course, the number one rule to personal style is to just be yourself, so don’t go taking these insights as gospel — you do you.

Trenches Are out, Puffers Are in

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The trench coat is a timeless wardrobe staple, dating way back to bygone eras of military wear. It may be one of the most popular men’s outerwear pieces, but it seems like a lot of shoppers aren’t so convinced right now. “The classic trench/mac has seen a decline in customer communication and saw 59% of 2016 arrivals discounted over 59%, even despite a 14% decrease in price from 2015.”

We’ve been espousing the benefits of the puffer jacket for ages, and it looks like many people are following suit — guys are buying loads of them. “We have seen strong movement even as we enter the height of summer” Tara reports, adding that nearly four times as many puffers sold out this year compared to 2015.

Long Live the ’90s

Eva Al Desnudo / Highsnobiety

“The ’70s theme gave us the shearling jacket, roll necks and flares, but the high street has long forgotten it as a key story,” Drury explains. “Shearling jackets have been given a military and outdoorsy makeover and roll necks have become the new shirt in fall tailoring — but none of this is distinctly ’70s. Of the paisley-patterned tops that arrived this year, 64% are already discounted over 40% in the U.S. market.”

“The ’90s has taken over and is a key source of inspiration for the U.S. mass market. Oversized denim jackets and hoodies, retro sportswear, puffer jackets and band tees are seeing strong movement. Even Gap have bought back key pieces from their ’90s archive. Oversized denim jacket arrivals have risen by 250% this year.”

Pour One Out for the Drop Crotch

Eva Al Desnudo / Highsnobiety

We love a bit of Rick Owens, but the mass-market jogger-pant-drop-crotch hybrid that was everywhere a few years ago was a real abomination. The price of drop-crotch styles is plummeting, and the ones out there at the minute are getting heavily discounted. Pour one out.

Conversely, guys are investing heavily in cropped pants. “Demand has increased for cropped, slim trousers, and prices have been upped by 10% on average this year. Both jeans and chino styles are seeing movement within the mass market.” Hardly surprising, really. A cropped, slim-fit trouser is much easier — and much less visually offensive — than those of the drop-crotched variety.

All-Black Nothing

Eva Al Desnudo / Highsnobiety

Nothing new here: color has been returning to the streetwear palette for ages now, and that wave has spilled over onto the mainstream. “Monochrome apparel has seen no growth this year, with 28% already discounted compared to just 16% for neutral tones.” Guess the all-black-everything look has finally — and officially — died a death…for now.

“Neutrals including sandy, stone hues have seen prices increase by a whopping 35% on average this year, not to mention a 14% increase on arrivals. Hoodies and tees see the strongest movement in these colors.”

“Pink and khaki are also key colors to watch this year, with pink, in particular seeing strong growth — arrivals are up by 37% from last year.” We told you so.

Suit Up

Eva Al Desnudo / Highsnobiety

“The traditional form of tailoring has drastically changed this year. We are seeing the addition of track jackets under blazers, and during the fall season, the roll-neck far outshines the shirt in marketing campaigns, visual merchandising stories and customer newsletters. Arrivals have seen a 30% increase in the last 12 month to those previously.”

That’s something our panel of menswear experts recently agreed on, too.

For more trend talk, here’s another 13 fashion trends to expect in 2017.

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Words by Alec Leach
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