The U.S. Department of Labor has launched a lawsuit against Google, accusing the tech company of systematically underpaying its female employees.

The tech industry in general has recently come under a lot of scrutiny for instances of sexual harassment, gender discrimination and all-round “bro culture,” but it seems like some offenders are worse than others.

Speaking to The Guardian, an anonymous DOL employee said “the government’s analysis at this point indicates that discrimination against women in Google is quite extreme, even in this industry.”

Google is a federal contractor, which means it is required to disclose employee salary information to ensure it is in line with equal-pay labor laws. So far Google has refused, which the DOL says is illegal. Unless Google hands over the information to enable the DOL to investigate the matter fully, the department is urging the government to cancel its contracts with Google and to block the company from future work.

Ironically, the news comes after Google celebrated Equal Pay Day with a tweet announcing that the company closed its gender pay gap, something that is looking less and less likely to be true.

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